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Padaido Island, Papua

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Biak Numfor is one of regencies in Papua province, Indonesia. The regency consists of 2 small islands namely Biak and Numfor Island, including more than 42 tiny islands, such as Padaido Island which has become the main development activities of many people.

Padaido comes from the local language which means the beauty that is unrevealed. According to research conducted by the Biodiversity Conservation Network, Padaido Island is one of places whose biodiversity of coral ecosystem is the largest in the world. Over there, there is a coral reef rehabilitation center so that the existence of marine tourism potential on the island is well-ordered.

The island has 95 species of rock and 155 species of fish such as various kinds of sharks and octopus as well as various maritime wealth. Padaido Island is a cluster of rocky islands consisting of 30 islands in the Pacific Ocean on the Eastern part of Biak Island.

Padaido Island has around 9252 hectares of coral reef. If you are in Biak and want to visit Padaido Island, you can go to Tiptop port in Biak and rent a speedboat to Padaido Island.

Trip to cross the sea takes around 3 hours. Along the trip, you can see some dolphins which appear on the surface of the Blue Ocean. It looks beautiful.

If you go to Padaido Island, you have to be careful when low tide. The low tide can endanger ships or boats because there are many kinds of rock surrounding the sea.

On Padaido Island, you can see beautiful undersea scenery such as a cave. To see the cave, you have to dive until 12 meters deep.

In addition, you can also see shipwreck, carcasses of aircraft and some ex-war equipment. We suggest you dive in the sea during hot weather so that reflection of sunlight can illuminate to a depth of 15 meters. So, you do not need to carry a searchlight.

If you want to stay at night, you can stay near Padaido Island. The lodging is not luxurious, but it can be a comfortable place to stay there.

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