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Monday, 02 July 2018 18:54

72nd Anniversary of Indonesian Police

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July 1, 2018, Police of the Republic of Indonesia -Polri commemorate their 72nd anniversary. Being old enough, the police have passed a long journey and recorded a lot of satisfying achievement. At the beginning of their establishment, the Police were named ‘State Department Police’ and under the Ministry of Home Affairs administratively. As for the operational matters, the Police were under the Attorney General. On July 1, 1946 with the governmental regulation No. 11/1946, the ‘State Department Police’ were directly responsible to the Prime Minister. Thus, July 1st is annually commemorated as the anniversary of the Police or known as Bhayangkara Day. Polri as state institution play a major role in maintaining security and public order. They have direct role in enforcing the law, and providing protection,  and service to the public, especially maintaining domestic security. Currently, the duties of the Police are increasingly tested, especially in the face of extraordinary crimes such as the threat of terrorism, drug trafficking, and corruption. In facing the threat of terrorism, in addition to synergy with the Indonesian National Armed Forces -TNI, the Police also have an elite force –so-called Special Detachment 88. This unit has been specifically trained as anti-terrorism and has the ability to overcome terrorist disturbances ranging from bomb threats to hostage. Drug problems are also part of Police duties. On December 2017, Police Assessment Institute (Lemkapi) released a satisfaction level survey of Police performance during 2017. Lemkapi Executive Director, Edi Hasibuan said that there is an increase in public confidence in security policy. Approximately 68.5 percent of the public expressed their satisfaction. Police are also considered successful in establishing synergy and coordination with TNI. Achievements and service innovations in these areas make people more comfortable. It’s worth being grateful that the performance and image of Polri are increasingly appreciated by the public. Public opinion on police’s performance signifies great optimism despite there are still some shortcomings. Congratulations on the anniversary of Indonesian Police!

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