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Wednesday, 11 July 2018 00:00

Theresa May Governement Future Amidst Brexit Crisis

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Theresa May Governement Future Amidst Brexit Crisis

Almost a year since leaving the EU, the British government is facing problems in realizing its policies. Prime Minister Theresa May, struck by an internal political crisis, had to concentrate on taking steps after Britain officially left the European Union in March 2019. The decision was taken two years after a referendum that ruled the conservative party's government out of the EU. 

The internal split in Prime Minister Theresa May's administration, manifested itself when two Ministers declared their resignations. They are two key holders of the Brexit implementation, namely, Minister of Brexit Affairs, David Davis, and Foreign Minister Boris Johnson. The resignations of Davis and Johnson from the government, did not seem to worry Theresa May. The second female British prime minister after Margaret Tatcher, immediately overhauled her cabinet and appointed two ministers to fill in the post left by Davis and Johnson.

This decision prompted expectations that the referendum could still be validated in March 2019 though many are is still questioning it. Politically, the opposition party gets more power to criticize government policy. The exit of David Davis and Boris Johnson is like being a new bullet for the opposition to launch a cornering attack. Both Davis and Johnson, after their resignations, argued that this was due to the fact that they were no longer in line with the Prime Minister's policy. The two stated they could no longer cooperate and support the government's steps to follow up on the results of the referendum. Both Davis and Johnson, rate the Prime Minister's policy as too pragmatic and compromising. In this regard, Britain can not completely free itself economically from EU member countries and EU policy. Economically, Britain still has an attachment to other European countries. As a producer of Airbus, BMW, Jaguar and Landrover, England is unlikely to take a drastic policy that cuts off business with European countries that are related to the export of goods production. On that basis the Theresa May Government should adopt a more pragmatic policy.

 Prime Minister Theresa May should concoct a post-Brexit policy that combines idealism and reality. This difficult move has led to a government crisis that is indeed not a majority in Parliament. In addition to corroborating the opposition, this government crisis could have made Northern Ireland, that initially opposed the Brexit, once again voice its pressure.These conditions reinforce the view that the future of the conservative government under the leadership of Theresa May, becomes questionable. The future of Brexit before March 2019 can also be questioned again.

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