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Wednesday, 11 July 2018 00:00


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We will present some pop songs from Trisouls. A song entitled ”Senyummu Hanya Untukku” contains complaint for the beautiful smile of someone. Although sounding romantic, the song "Senyummu Hanya Untukku" apparently represents universal love, so it can be delivered not only to the beloved ones, but also for family and friends. The song was the first single from the Trisouls group. Trisouls consists three personnels Yerri Rirriassa, Jesse Thomasmore, and Damien Jonathans. The three personnels formed Trisouls group in 2017 after having performed together in a show. With a poetic diction, Trisouls portrays a tragic farewell, for the beloved chooses to leave without giving any reasons before. The song that was released on January 18, 2018 also presented by Trisouls to the deaf, because they have inspired Trisouls in the cultivation of songs and video clips "Isyarat". Trisouls not only refers to one musical gendres. The group has also work many musical gendres including acoustics, pop, RnB, and soul. As a newcomer, Trisouls admitted that they still very open with new things, including musical style.

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