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Wednesday, 18 July 2018 07:36

Tahu Tepo, Traditional Culinary from Ngawi, East Java

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A few people know traditional food in Ngawi regency, East Java.  Actually In Ngawi regency, there are many traditional foods which are more delicious than other regions have. Take for examples: Lethok, Ledre, Wedang Cemue and Tepo Tofu. In today’s edition, we will discuss about ‘Tepo Tofu’. Tepo Tofu is the traditional food of Ngawi. It is from tepo, tofu and other ingredients. Tepo is from Javanese language meaning ‘cone’. It refers to the shape of Lontong which is used in Tepo tofu. This food at a glance looks like Tofu Lontong or Tofu Kupat. But, this typical food certainly has different taste. Lontong is a dish made of compressed rice cake in the form of a cylinder wrapped with banana leaf, commonly found in Indonesia. The taste of Tepo Tofu is quite unique. Its sauce is hot, sweet and sour.  It is because its sauce is from soy sauce, Javanese tamarind water,  as well as ingredients such as garlic, cayenne, palm sugar and salt. If we want to make Tepo Tofu, firstly  the tofu is covered with egg and then, it is fried. After it is done, the Tofu is ready to cut along with Tepo and put it on the plate. Thus, this is added with slices of cabbage, bean sprouts, fried peanut and onion. And the last, it is poured with sauce on it and sprinkled with crackers. If you are curious to taste Tepo Tofu, you can visit Ngawi, East Java province.

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