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Friday, 20 July 2018 14:19

Regional Songs from Central Kalimantan

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We will present the songs of the people of Central Kalimantan.Although there are several languages ​​used by Dayak people, in general the most widely spoken languages in Central Kalimantan are Banjar and Bahasa Indonesia. Some linguists think the language of Banjar belongs to the Malay group. A song entitled Bagasing Balogo is also composed by Anang Ardiansjah. He is known to be one of the songwriters and maestro from Kalimantan. Bagasing Balogo is a combination of two traditional games in Kalimantan. Bagasing means gasing. These words are then combined into the title of the song as a symbol of the traditional game. This song tells about the bustling atmosphere of Bagasing Balogo game. This game is usually done by men both adults and children while killing their time. Therefore, this song is created with a carefree rhythm and appropriate music arrangements. The Banjar songs sung by Solichati are summarized in one album entitled ‘Banjar Popular Song in the Ethnic String’. The poem in this song invites people to dance Japin. In addition to entertaining, such songs are usually used to accompany Japin dance. Japin or Zapin dance is Malay dance influenced with Arab cultural dance that can be found in North Sumatera, Riau Islands, and some areas in Kalimantan.

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