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Tuesday, 28 June 2022 00:00

President Joko Widodo's diplomacy on the G7, Ukraine and Russia

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Starting on Monday (27/6), President Joko Widodo attended the G7 Summit which is held at Elmau Palace, in the Alps region, Bavaria, Germany. The G7 is a forum for developed and industrialized countries consisting of the United States, Germany, Italy, Japan, Canada and France. As quoted by Reuters, Germany, as the host of this year's G7 summit, invited Indonesia, Senegal, Argentina, India and South Africa as partner countries to this summit.

President Joko Widodo seized this invitation to promote investment opportunities in the clean energy sector in Indonesia. This was conveyed by President Joko Widodo, Monday (27/6) while attending the G7 Summit working lunch session with the topics of climate change, energy, and health. This is the information on the page.

President Joko Widodo also seized the trip to Europe to visit Ukraine and Russia, which are in conflict. Before leaving for Europe, he had informed that his visits to Ukraine and Russia were to encourage the two countries to open dialogue for peace.

Some people may think that President Joko Widodo's visit to Ukraine and Russia will be in vain. This is because the big countries, which have the resources and power to coerce, have not been able to prevent Russia from continuing to attack Ukraine. Indeed, President Joko Widodo himself did not say that he was trying to reconcile the two countries. He wants to encourage the leaders of the two countries to open dialogue so that through dialogue, they themselves would seek peace.

President Joko Widodo's efforts also need to be supported by all Indonesian people, because there is a bigger interest, namely securing the food supply chain. The Russian-Ukrainian war has hampered food distribution, disrupted the economy and made it difficult for developing and low-income countries to find food, plunging them into extreme poverty. Indonesia itself is still a developing country. If the war continues, Indonesia will also experience food shortages and economic collapse due to skyrocketing food prices. Hopefully, President Joko Widodo's efforts are followed by leaders of other developing countries, so that all countries support the creation of Russia-Ukraine peace.

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