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Friday, 27 July 2018 14:07

Peace in Afghanistan

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Peace in Afghanistan

The political and security situation in Afghanistan is expected to be better after a meeting of negotiators from both Taliban and the United States this week in Doha Qatar and other places in the Middle East. The meeting is a good move to end the pro-longed conflict in Afghanistan, a country in central Asia bordering on Tajikistan, Turkmenistas, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Iran. With its mountainous and multi-ethnic geographic region, it has made the country a conflict-prone and difficult field to reconcile. To end the conflict, US officials met with former Taliban members amid intense efforts to end America's longest war. As quoted by AFP, Senior Officer of the Department of Home Affairs Bureau for Southern and Central Asian Affairs, Alice Wells has met with representatives of Taliban this week in a bid to find a way toward ending the 17-year-old Afghan conflict. The US State Department did not directly confirm the report, but noted that Alice Wella had been in Doha this week where he met with Qatari officials. Meanwhile, according to Taliban sources, talks with US officials have taken place in Afghanistan, Qatar, United Arab Emirates. Peace in Afghanistan, as it came to light, refers to a 3-day truce echoed by Afghan President Ashraf Ghani in June during Eid al-Fitr. The ceasefire has spawned a phenomenon that never happened when Taliban fighters and Afghanistan soldiers hugged each other and shook hands on Idul Fitri Day in the area where war always happened. Therefore, President Ghani wants the Eid al-Fitr truce could be a path to a more lasting peace, and calls on Taliban side to advance to the negotiating table. Since the fall of Taliban in 2001 after the US-led Coalition, the situation in Afghanistan has not been good. Violence often occurs despite the efforts of developing Afghan security forces and nearly 70,000 international troops, serving under NATO or as part of the US-led Operation of Endless Freedom. But peace in Afghanistan does not only involve the United States because it must also involve the state of Pakistan and Iran because of historical and geopolitical linkages. In addition, strong figures are needed to be able to unite the nation of Afghanistan among the people. The reinforcement of Loya Jirga, the high council of the people will continue to be strengthened so that the trust of the parties concerned in the conflict can be represented in the institution.

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