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Olele Marine Park, is located in Olele Village, Kabila Bone District, Bone Bolango Regency, Gorontalo. The distance from Gorontalo city center to this tourist spot is about 20 Km. It can be reached by car or motorcycle by passing winding roads on the edge of the hill. On the way you will comb the winding road, crossing residential areas with contrasting views. On the one hand you will be amazed by the steep cliffs adorned with green trees, and on the other you will admire the endless expanse of blue green sea.

Olele Beach is the gateway to Olele Marine Park with a very beautiful marine nature. World divers have proven that some of the marine biota found in the Olele Marine Park are not found in other waters in the world. The Olele Marine Park has a lot of beauty, including Goa Jin with ornamental fish, marine life, healthy, dense and beautiful coral reefs, giant sponges and also several types of fish that are rare and only found in the waters of Tomini Bay. The Olele Marine Park, which has become a tourist icon in Gorontalo Province, is located on the south coast. If you visit Gorontalo, it's not complete if you don't visit this location. Because of its fame, Olele beach is also known as the Prima donna of South Beach.

If you love diving, you can go to Jinn Cave, Traffic Circle, Honeycomb, and Muck Dive. The most frequently visited and a favorite dive spot for visitors is at Jinn Cave. You need to know, in this marine park there are endemic coral sponges that cannot be found in any waters. Its existence is sought after by divers from abroad. Its uniqueness is in the coral motif which resembles a painting by the famous artist from Spain, Salvador Dali. The next spot is Coral Pole (coral pillar), Beehive (beehive-shaped sponge), and Traffic Jam. The underwater beauty in the latter area is truly amazing, divers who see it will be stunned and stop to enjoy it longer, so it is likened to a "congestion" or traffic jam there.

For those who like underwater photography, there are lots of spots that can be captured by their beauty. Different and charming coral reefs and colorful small fish that go back and forth around the coral reefs, are underwater conditions that will be found which of course must be captured. Olele Marine Park does have different coral reefs, such as wall models and wasp nests. If you are not a diver, you don't need to worry, because the original wooden boats with glass floor made by local people are ready to take tourists on tours across the waters to enjoy the beauty of coral reefs, fish and other biota from the boat.

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