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Saturday, 16 July 2022 00:00

Marumasa Beach

Written by  Rahma
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South Sulawesi is one of Indonesia’s provinces which has many beautiful beaches. They are so famous. One of the beaches whose natural beauty is very attractive for both domestic and foreign tourists is Marumasa Beach. 

Marumasa Beach is an interesting place to explore, particularly for nature lovers. The beauty of Marumasa Beach is not less wonderful than other beaches that have been already popular. The beach has a white coastline and clear and calm sea water which is unique for this one tourism destination. Besides, there are two exotic cliffs to enjoy the sunrise. Thus, for trekking lovers, you are able to climb the cliffs in the morning by having extra to see the sunrise when you reach the top.

Marumasa Beach has a fantastic spot for tourists who like to look for photos with amazing views. Tourist favorite spots in this place are rocks, swings or viewing posts. Moreover, the manager of the beach also provides a hammock in this beach area for tourists who want to sit or rest for a while and enjoy the cool beach breeze and wonderful views.

Administratively, Marumasa Beach is located in Darubiah, Bonto Bahari, Bulukumba Regency, South Sulawesi. It takes 4.5 hours by motor vehicle from Makassar City. Because the location is quite hidden, tourists should use private vehicles. In addition, the road to the location is quite bad because it has not been paved. Usually, some tourists who visit the beach prefer renting a car plus driver from Bulukumba in order to anticipate if they get lost on the road due to the wrong direction.

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