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Written by  Rahma
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Besides being famous for its artistic crafts, Gianyar Regency in Bali is also famous for its natural beauty such as Purnama Beach. It is located close to the main road of Prof Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra By Pass, precisely in Banjar Lupang Telabah, Sukawati Village, Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency. From downtown Gianyar the distance to Purnama Beach is approximately 11 Km, from Ngurah Rai Airport it takes approximately 50 minutes, while from downtown Denpasar it is approximately 35 minutes.

Purnama Beach has black sand that sparkles like gems, especially when exposed to sunlight. Almost all the beaches have ocean currents and big waves. So it is advisable not to bathe in the beach area. However, if you insist on doing it, you have to be extra careful. In fact, you can still enjoy the beauty of this exotic beach without having to bathe in the beach area.

True to its name, during the full moon this beach is very crowded with tourists, Purnama means full moon. Hence the name, Purnama Beach. Usually, people will come in late afternoon, because at that time the beauty of the moon will look perfect. Indeed, it’s so amazingly breath taking that it is very difficult to describe, especially when the moon appears slowly from above sea level. In the morning, you will also be hypnotized by the beauty of the sunrise rising from the sea surface. By the way, in addition to being a tourist attraction, Purnama beach is also often used as a place for religious ceremonies by local residents.

When you’re traveling to Purnama Beach, many activities can be done while enjoying the calm beach atmosphere. Such as sunbathing, playing on the sand because Purnama beach has a large and sandy area. You can also do some surfing because this beach has big enough waves and fishing activities. In addition to sunbathing, visitors can also bury their body while enjoying the warm sand of the beach which is said to cure a number of diseases.

To go to Purnama Beach, visitors can take private vehicles, and also use public transportation. If you use public transportation, you can stop at the Sukawati bus terminal, after that continue by using a motorcycle taxi or private vehicle to the Purnama Beach tourist location.

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