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Wednesday, 01 August 2018 13:26

Cambodian Elections Result and the Future

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Cambodian Elections Result and the Future


Cambodian people have followed the sixth election in the country last Sunday. The quick count results that 82 percent of the Cambodian people, numbering around 7 million people, have participated in this year's elections. People's participation increased from the previous election which only reached 62 percent. On the quick count results, the Cambodian People's Party is almost certain to return to power by seizing control of all parliamentary seats, amounting to no less than 100 seats. Thus the election results will extend the power of the ruling party for 33 years. The Electoral Winner Party is the Cambodian People's Party-CPP, formed by Prime Minister Hunsen who is now 65 years old. The victory of the Cambodian People's Party is not surprising because the main opposition, the National Rescue Party, CNRP, has disbanded a year before the General Elections are held. Thus the government of Prime Minister Samdech Hun only had to deal with small parties numbering around 20.A CPP spokesperson responded to the quick count result, that his party had at least 80 percent of the seats in parliament, which amounted to 125 seats. On the other hand, the Cambodian National Salvation Party declares that the election has been full of fraud and that his party will not recognize the results of this election. However, such protests may not have any effect on the election results to be determined by the Cambodian National Elections Commission. The Commission, after the closing of the ballot box stated that the 2018 election was successful.As a matter of fact, Cambodia will again be led by Hunsen who came to power in 1985 when the country was still in civil war. As quoted by the media, Hunsen responded to the election results by stating that the people of Cambodia have chosen to take the path of democracy and use their rights as citizens. The people of Cambodia certainly hope that in the next five years, they will enjoy various advances in life. Will that hope come true? And will Cambodia also play a better role in the ASEAN scene? Only time will tell.

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