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Thursday, 01 September 2022 09:24

Canada Sends Aid for Peatland Protection in South Sumatera

Written by  Rahma
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The government of Canada sent funds for peat-land protection in South Sumatera. The aid is a support for Indonesia, which is trying to reduce climate change impact.

Head of Development of the Embassy of Canada, Kevin Tokar said that Canada is committed to donating 190 billion rupiahs (about 12 million US dollars) for better land management in three provinces, namely South Sumatra, South Sulawesi, and East Nusa Tenggara.

After a public consultation of South Sumatera Peatland Ecosystem Protection and Management Plan (RPPEG) in Palembang on Monday (29/08), Kevin said that South Sumatra is the second biggest region for peat-land ecosystem in Indonesia.

In South Sumatra, the aid program from Canada is partnering with World Agroforestry Indonesia (ICRAF). According to Kevin, Indonesia must fight to fulfill its commitment in reducing climate change impact. One of which is by managing the peat-land sustainably.

The program also invites farmers to implement a better agricultural management, such as Sustainable Landscape for Climate Resilient Livelihoods (Land4Lives) project run by ICRAF in some regencies in South Sumatra. The aim of Land4Lives is to improve the gender sensitive landscape management, food security, livelihoods, and local economy that is resistant to climate change, mainly for vulnerable groups, including women and girls in Indonesia. Therefore, Canada also supports the RPPEG document for sustainable peat-land management by Indonesia from national to regency/city level.

South Sumatra Peatland Restoration Expert Team member, Syafrul Yunardi said from half million hectares of peat-land in South Sumatra, 40 percent of it is degrading. Peat forest opening was done along with population growth, which resulted in a lack of production land. Production activity in the peat-land is potentially causing land and forest fire.

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