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Tuesday, 13 September 2022 08:39

Campaga Tourism Village

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Indonesian Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno appreciated the success of Campaga Tourism Village, which was included in the top 50 best tourist villages in the 2022 Indonesian Tourism Village Award (ADWI). This success is expected to encourage the development of tourism potential and creative economy in tourism villages in Tompobulu district, Bantaeng regency, South Sulawesi, especially in the development of nature-based tourism. Minister Sandiaga, after a visit to Campaga Tourism Village last September 7, said that Campaga Tourism Village has the potential for beautiful natural attractions and must be managed properly so that it can provide great benefits to the community, especially in sustaining economic revival and opening up job opportunities.

Campaga Tourism Village, which is included in the mountainous region of Bantaeng, is located about 15 kilometers from Bantaeng city, South Sulawesi, or about 20 minutes by two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles. Campaga Tourism Village has a variety of nature-based tourist attractions. One of them is the Campaga Protection Forest which covers an area of approximately 23 hectares.Campaga Protection Forest is one of the protected forests in Bantaeng regency. This forest is still beautiful and untouched by the community. In this forest, there is the Babangtanggaya Site (sacred stone), the Erasa Lego-lego tree which is the oldest banyan tree in the area and the sacred Tombolo Spring. Not far from this protected forest, there are tourist attractions for families, namely Erbol and Ertob Bathing Pools.

Campaga Tourism Village also has a new nature-based tourism spot, namely Simoko Waterfall which is considered to be still hidden. Tourists can see the view of this 30 meter high waterfall, while enjoying the lush atmosphere of the trees in the surroundings. When traveling to Campaga Tourism Village, don't forget to buy souvenirs. Campaga Tourism Village coffee and dodol (a fudge-like sweet made from glutinous rice, palm sugar and coconut milk) are known for their deliciousness, so you should buy them as souvenirs. Campaga Tourism Village is equipped with various facilities, such as parking lots, restaurants and toilets.

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