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Saturday, 24 September 2022 23:06

Jakarta on the List of Cities with Healthy Lifestyle

Written by  Rahma
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When you hear the name Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, what most people think of is a densely-populated capital city with the hustle and bustle of high life mobility. It is undeniable that in some parts, there are things that cannot be separated from Jakarta, from traffic jams to pollution. But who would have thought that Jakarta is included in the top 20 big cities with the highest healthy lifestyle in the world?


This ranking was obtained after going through an assessment by a research institute YouGov, which is based in the United Kingdom. In the process, there are a number of indicators for assessment ranging from happiness level, outdoor activities and many more. This assessment study was conducted on 44 cities around the world. A city with a healthy lifestyle means a city that enables the community or its residents to be fully supported to live a healthy lifestyle as a whole. There are about 10 indicators that are used as an assessment, including the influence of pollution levels, environmental conditions, lifestyle choices, hours of sunshine, level of happiness, facilities for outdoor activities, monthly fitness center subscription fee, and many others.

From the assessment of the YouGouv research institute, Jakarta is ranked 17th below Toronto and Madrid, which are ranked 15 and 16. Meanwhile, the same position also makes Jakarta outperform several cities in other developed countries, such as Seoul, Los Angeles, Boston, Tokyo, Paris, London and New York. There are several assessment indicators that, if seen, make Jakarta more attractive and superior to other cities. Take for example, the obesity rate in Jakarta is relatively low which is 6.9 percent, with a life expectancy of 68.5 years. In terms of health facilities, Jakarta is also recorded as having 114 outdoor activities that can be used by the community. In addition, there are as many as 833 places that can be visited by the public to carry out outdoor activities. Meanwhile, in terms of the cost of using the services of a health facility or gym, the membership fee in Jakarta seems to be cheaper than other cities like Madrid or Seoul.

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