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Saturday, 01 October 2022 09:18

People's Representative Assembly Chairman: Pancasila Day Reminds People's Struggle

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Six Indonesian migrant workers (PMI) who worked as crew members (ABK) were picked up by the Indonesian Embassy (KBRI) team in Manila, Wednesday (28/09/2022). They were on board the MV Sky Fortune in Tabaco City, Philippines.

This is the result of the hard work of the Indonesian Embassy in Manila in resolving the complicated case faced by six Indonesian crew members in the Philippines. The ship MV Sky Fortune was detained by the Philippines for violating the entry into an area that was not a crew change point in Tabaco.

Quoting from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, the ship also received a claim for compensation from the ship owner. The crew, including six Indonesian citizens, are not allowed to leave the ship to wait for the legal process to be carried out.

But in its development, the crew were abandoned for 7 months on board in inadequate conditions. A number of crew members were sick and lacked logistical supplies. Meanwhile, the condition of the ship is getting worse because the cargo (foodstuffs) is not in a proper condition.

"The Philippine Immigration Bureau has finally issued an Allow Departure Order (ADO) which confirms that there is nothing incriminating the six Sky Fortune crew members to immediately leave the Philippines," said the Indonesian Embassy in Manila in an official statement quoted by RRI, Thursday (29/9/2022).

This ADO brought fresh air to six Sky Fortune crew members from Indonesia. They have been stuck on MV Sky Fortune since February 2022.

The crew experienced health problems, because they could not leave the ship. One of the crew members also had to recover from appendicitis surgery on board.

The repatriation process for the six Sky Fortune crew members by the Indonesian Embassy in Manila went smoothly. Local officials also provide full support to the Indonesian Embassy. The Indonesian Embassy in Manila was accompanied by the Philippine Coast Guard (PGC) in Bicol District and the Legazpi Port Authority when picking up the six crew members.

“On arrival at the port, the six crew members underwent a health check process carried out by the Legazpi Quarantine Bureau and the immigration process assisted by the Legazpi Immigration Bureau. Furthermore, the Indonesian Embassy in Manila team together with the six crew members headed to Legazapi airport to make an air trip to Manila," said the Indonesian Embassy in Manila.

The six crew members arrived in Manila on Wednesday night (28/9/2022) and received full assistance from the Indonesian Embassy in Manila. On Thursday afternoon (29/9/2022), they were received and received guidance from the LBBP Ambassador Agus Widjojo before going to Indonesia. In addition to repatriation, the Indonesian Embassy in Manila has also succeeded in fighting for compensation for the crew. (RRI)

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