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Wednesday, 12 October 2022 15:45

Gedad Waterfall

Written by  Rahma
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Besides being famous for its exotic beaches, Gunungkidul is also famous for having other natural attractions in the form of waterfalls. One of them is Gedad Waterfall which has recently become the new prima donna in Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta Special Region Province. The exoticism of the existing scenery and the cool air with views that are still very natural make many people curious and wishing to visit this waterfall. This waterfall is named Gedad according to its location in Gedad Hamlet. The tour arrangement at this waterfall is similar to one of the tours in Kulonprogo, namely Mudal River Park. However, of course, each of these tours has its own characteristics that become an attraction in the eyes of tourists. This waterfall has a height that is not too high, which is about 10-15 meters. The uniqueness of Gedad Waterfall Yogyakarta has walls, which are quite wide and terraced and produce a water flow that looks very artistic.

Gedad waterfall also has a pool, which can be used for bathing and swimming. There is also a special deck, which was made to accommodate tourists to take pictures. Its natural beauty that is still very beautiful is perfect for someone to take nice pictures. The typical rural scenery with shady trees, towering high, becomes another panoramic beauty in this tourism spot. This small waterfall that is behind a limestone cliff presents a charming natural panorama. Bridges made of wood and bamboo complement the existing exotic beauty. This waterfall tour is relatively new and was opened in February 2017 by the local village youth association. Previously, this waterfall was an area where residents of Gedad and surrounding areas dumped their trash. Then, the villagers fix and improve the surrounding waterfall area as an effort to improve the environment and also finance village activities. This hamlet is known as a religious hamlet with strong cultural values, so many religious activities are held more than once a week and require substantial funds. Then the youths also thought of ways so that their citizens would not spend a very large amount of money for these activities so that the idea of opening a tourism attraction in this village emerged.

People say, this waterfall was discovered by a kyai, named Abu Dardak. Kyai Abu Dardak dug the ground on Mt. Nggrunggung, and opened the flow of groundwater to Gedad Hamlet through mountain cliffs, and one of them, the Gedad Waterfall appeared, then flowed into this village through mountain cliffs. This waterfall has three springs, namely Glunggung, Clenguk, and Karang Kulon water sources. Gedad Waterfall is behind a limestone cliff, until at the location visitors are treated to a beautiful and charming natural panorama. Inside the Gedad Waterfall complex, there are facilities in the form of a bathroom, a place to eat, and a typical Gedad hawker center. For visitors who want to play in the water, rubber tires and buoys are provided so that they can enjoy their time at Gedad Waterfall. For visitors who are interested in more challenging adventures, tour guides are ready to take you to off-road terrain, which can be explored by dirt bike or by off-road car which is located not far from the Waterfall. Around the waterfall there are also decorations of flowers, gazebos, and wooden signposts for taking selfies. You can come to visit Gedad Waterfall every day with opening hours at 6 am – 5 pm local time.

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