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Thursday, 09 August 2018 07:34

Rammang-Rammang Stone Forest

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In South Sulawesi province, there is regency called ‘Maros’. The regency is a tourism area which has complete varieties, such as Teletubies hills and Bengo-Bengo pine forest. Not far from Pute River, there is amazing scenery. It is called ‘Rammang-Rammang Stone Forest’. In 2001, UNESCO enlisted karst Maros as natural conservation which has met 9 requirements, such as unique biodiversity and  remains of ancient humans existing on cave’s wall. This place is the second biggest karst in the world after karst area in Yunnan, South China. The word of Rammang-Rammang comes from South Sulawesi language, meaning cloud or fog. The local people give the place with the name Rammang-Rammang because every morning or when raining, the place is usually covered with cloud or fog. When cloudy, there are clusters of stone pillars at the fields of local people and these make the scenery to be seen exotic.  Rammang-Rammang tourism object is located at Salenrang village, Bontoa district, Maros regency, South Sulawesi province. The location of the village is around 40 kilometers from Makassar. To get access of the tourism object, we can reach the area by motor vehicles. If you go from Makassar city, it takes around 2 hours. If you directly go from Hasanuddin airport, it takes only 30 minutes.

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