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Tuesday, 27 December 2022 12:58

Jalakotek, typical culinary from Majalengka, West Java

Written by  Rahma
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Every region in Indonesia has its own unique cuisine. One of them is Jalakotek from Majalengka, West Java. Majalengka is a district which is about 95 kilometers from Bandung City.


Jalakotek that is a typical snack from Majalengka is so popular. The shape of this cake is like a pastel and it has a salty, sweet, savory and spicy taste. Jalakotek itself is made from a mixture of wheat flour and tapioca flour for the outer skin, while the inside is filled with stir-fried tofu, minced chicken, bean sprouts, carrots and chili sauce. The taste is savory and delicious, making this snack one of the family's favorite snacks to accompany tea.


Jalakotek, which is a typical Majalengka snack, is very popular from parents to children. Besides, the ingredients are easy to find, making Jalakotek is also easy. The ingredients needed to make the layer are tapioca flour, wheat flour, salt, flavoring and hot water. All the ingredients are mixed by adding hot water little by little until the texture is chewy. Afterwards,  the dough is spread thinly with a diameter of about 10 centimeters. As for the filling, you need tofu and chopped carrots and garlic, bird's eye chili, salt, powdered sugar, ground, stir-fry the ingredients for the filling until cooked, after that wrap the filling in the skin and shape it like a patty or dumpling.


After being fried, Jalakotek is usually sprinkled with additional spices, such as dried chili powder and additional chili sauce. This dish is  so delicious when eaten freshly fried. Apart from being delicious, in Majalengka, you can easily find Jalakotek everywhere, such as at traditional markets, at school area vendors, at hawker centers, fried shops and also at shops selling various kinds of snacks. The prices are quite pocket-friendly.


If you are in Indonesia, West Java area, and not far from Majalengka, please try to taste this Jalakotek snack.

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