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Zoological Museum

Written by  Rahma
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Traveling while seeking knowledge can be a way to find a new atmosphere for you and your family. It would be good if you take a walk to a museum that collects various animals.The museum is called the Zoological Museum located in Bogor, West Java, and it has collections related to the animal world, such as various preserved specimens and animal fossils. The museum is divided into two; the first one is open every day to the public, which contains an exhibition hall located on Jln Ir. H. Juanda No. 9 Bogor. The second one has a collection site and it is only opened to the public once a year in October. This is located at the Cibinong Science Centerpreciselyon Jakarta - Bogor Main Road Km.46 Cibinong, Bogor, West Java.

Initially, the museum was a zoological laboratory under the nam eLandbouw Zoologisch Laboratoriumwhich was founded on August 23rd, 1894, and it was the idea of J. C. Koningsberger, a Dutch botanist. This laboratory was established as a research facility related to agriculture and zoology. In 1906, the name changed toZoologisch MuseumandWekplaats. In 1910, it changed again toZoologisch Museum en Laboratorium. The museum has 24 collection rooms and it was occupied in 1997, with construction funded by grants from the World Bank and Japan. The collection of the Zoological Museum located at the Widyasatwaloka building, Cibinong Science Center covers 3.5% of the total fauna species found in Indonesia. From the diversity of fauna in Indonesia, only 0.05% of animal samples (specimens) are owned by the Zoology Department, Biology Research Center of LIPI.

This museum stores hundreds of millions of specimens from tens of thousands of species. However, the collection is still limited to terrestrial and freshwater animals and invertebrates. The collection here is estimated to be no more than 10% of Indonesia's biodiversity. So if you want to know and you are curious more about the existence of animals on earth, and their history, make sure the Zoological Museum  is one of your tourism destinations.

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