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Tuesday, 03 January 2023 12:01

Kima Atas waterfall in North Sulawesi

Written by  Rahma
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Kima Atas Waterfall is the most beautiful water tourism in Manado City, North Sulawesi. This becomes the residents' favorite recreational destination. This waterfall has a natural panorama that can spoil the eyes. Kima Atas Waterfall is located in Kima Atas village, Mapanget district, Manado city. The location is about 10 kilometers from Sam Ratulangi airport, and 15 kilometers from downtown of Manado City and can be accessed by personal or public motor vehicles. This waterfall can be reached within 50 minutes from downtown of Manado city by land transportation. This waterfall has three steps and a height of about 8 meters. Under the waterfall. there is a reservoir of water that forms a pool so that visitors can swim in the area. The panorama around this waterfall is very beautiful, and it is surrounded by green trees so that the atmosphere is cool and calm. The water flows into the clean Kima river and empties into the Manado beach.


The water flow from the Upper Kima Waterfall is not too heavy, because there is a plain, which makes this waterfall look like to have levels. The water that comes down from above will indeed hit layers of rocks before going down to the bottom so that the resulting water flow is not too heavy. Therefore, you can swim and enjoy the flow of water from the waterfall directly in the water reservoir. There are several places that are quite deep, and this place is suitable for those of you who are proficient at swimming. If you are not good at swimming, you can just play in the water around shallow areas.

If you don't want to swim, you can roll out a mat and sit around the waterfall to enjoy the rushing water. At the location of this waterfall, there are trees that are quite dense and large. If you want to stay overnight, there are quite a lot of inns here, because the location is not too far from downtown of Manado, of course there will be many inns with a variety of prices there.

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