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Wednesday, 15 August 2018 13:26

Will The Ceasefire Between Hamas and Israel Be Realized?

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Will the armistice in the Gaza Strip really come true? This question is really relevant, related to the issue of the ceasefire which is now being discussed in the Israeli government. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on Sunday, has expressed a desire for a ceasefire with Palestine in the Gaza Strip. The Jerusssalem Post newspaper, August 13 reported that Netanyahu's statement was before the Israeli Prime Minister led his cabinet meeting.  Netanyahu's wish was raised, shortly after the Israeli army bombarded the Gaza region. Not less than 168 Palestinians died from the increasingly tense conflict in the Gaza Strip which was triggered by the transfer of the Israeli capital to Jerusalem. Israel is increasingly aggressive in  its attacks by deploying air forces to the Palestinian territories in Gaza Strip on Wednesday and Thursday, August 8-9, 2018. In the armed conflict, many   Palestinians died including children  and pregnant women. At least 170 points have become Israeli air strike targets  on the August 8 attacks. The Palestinians, in this case the  Hamas,  who occupy the Gaza Strip, responded that the ceasefire has actually been carried out. The Hamas fighters stated that the two sides had actually done it  since last week. Hamas stated that the ceasefire was carried out thanks to the Egyptian participation. The facts on the ground indeed show that at the end of last week, there were no more attacks by the Israeli air force. Regarding Egypt's participation as stated by Hamas, it is justified by the news that actually Prime Minister Netanyahu was secretly visiting Egypt. Israeli television reported that Netanyahu last May met up with President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi regarding a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. The question is, is it  true that a ceasefire will occur between the Israeli military and the Palestinian Hamas and there will  be no more  civilians become  victims? The statement of the Israeli Prime Minister before the cabinet meeting earlier this week may become  a sign that for the first time a ceasefire was seriously discussed in a cabinet meeting. If this commitment manifests, the fear of a re-open war between Israel and Palestinian Hamas, as happened in 2008, can be avoided.

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