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Wednesday, 22 August 2018 00:00

Two Koreas at the Asian Games encouraged Indonesia's participation in the second Korean peace

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The 2018 Asian Games have succeeded in bringing together two Koreas, namely North Korea and South Korea in the spirit of sportsmanship in the Asian Games. The Indonesian people certainly should be happy with what has happened. The two Korean contingents went hand in hand during the athletes parade. From the faces of the athletes can be seen  a reflection of happiness. The 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia, is taking  place along with a series of diplomatic efforts, including those carried out by the United States and North Korea. Starting from the Summit in Singapore, North Korea and the United States continued diplomatic efforts. Follow-up meetings have been conducted not only in the context of denuclearization of North Korea but towards the reconciliation of the two Koreas. This week there was also a touching event, some  South Koreans made a visit  to North Korea to meet their long lost family members. The senior Koreans were separated and live in different places  due to the civil war that occurred at the end of the second world war. Indonesia is recorded in history related to the unification and reconciliation of the people  which have been separated,  even fought each other. In the 80s for instance,  Indonesia had become the initiator of the unification of Cambodia. The Jakarta Informal Meeting among the warring factions was held in Bogor, West Java in the Suharto era. It was continued with further meetings and ended very well with the unification of Cambodia. Reflecting on historical experience, the momentum of the 2018 Asian Games held in Jakarta is a good time to contribute to the reconciliation of the two Koreas. As a good host, Indonesia can make the Asian Games a momentum for realization of  lasting peace in the Korean Peninsula.

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