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Thursday, 09 March 2023 18:18

Voice of Indonesia RRI, IDN Global Agrees to Cooperate

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Jakarta (voinews): Voice of Indonesia RRI and the Indonesian Diaspora Network (IDN) Global have agreed to work together to increase the dissemination of information on Indonesianness within and outside the country.

The agreement was realized in the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Head of Voice of Indonesia RRI Soleman Yusuf and IDN Global President Kartini Sarsilaningsih.

"We should be grateful for this because programmatically we will be able to enrich the collaboration between IDN Global and Voice of Indonesia," said Soleman Yusuf in his report at the signing of the MoU, Thursday (9/3), in Jakarta.

He said that both Voice of Indonesia RRI and IDN Global agreed to make a broadcast program that could inspire the public, including Indonesia's younger generation.

"IDN Global will also be useful to contribute as our correspondents or contributors abroad," said Soleman Yusuf.

Meanwhile, IDN Global President Kartini Sarsilaningsih who is connected online, on the same occasion, said this collaboration was a very meaningful and strategic collaboration between two organizations that have the same goals and missions to spread positive things about Indonesia to the whole world, including as well as news about and from Indonesian diaspora abroad.

According to him, awareness of the potential of the Indonesian diaspora, its involvement and empowerment, will be something very important for the development of the Indonesian nation.

"The strength or privilege of the Indonesian diaspora lies in the presence or residence of all of us outside Indonesia and even in all corners of the world," said Kartini.

Furthermore, Kartini said that in her 10 years, IDN Global continues to listen to and voice the aspirations of the diaspora. Apart from that, according to him, the Indonesian diaspora also collaborates with various stakeholders to jointly achieve goals.

"Most of the goals of the diaspora are to remain connected body and soul and also love for Indonesia," he said.

Meanwhile, he added, Voice of Indonesia RRI can utilize this network to strengthen broadcast coverage among the diaspora and the international community.

"I believe this collaboration will be an extraordinary platform to promote the beauty, cultural richness and diversity of Indonesia throughout the world, as well as strengthen relations between Indonesian diaspora abroad and their homeland," he concluded. (VOI/Andy)

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