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Saturday, 18 March 2023 09:59

Kazakhstan Hopes Election Will Improve Political System

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VOI News, Jakarta: Kazakhstan will hold Parliamentary and maslikhat (Local Administrative Body) Elections on March 19, 2023. These elections can be considered one of the most consequential for the future of democratic politics in Kazakhstan. Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of Kazakhstan for Indonesia, Kazbek Bokebayev after the Press Conference to the Media at the Kazakh Embassy in Jakarta, Friday (17/3) hopes that the democratic party can run according to expectations which can bring goodness to the people of Kazakhstan.

"Frankly, we hope that in the parliamentary election there will be no problems and obstacles. God willing, everything will go smoothly in a good way. We make every effort to provide security or events, all police officers and all forces will be involved to maintain order in the elections. So we hope that nothing else will happen,” said Kazbek Bokebayev.

Previously, in a Press Release received by RRI VOI (16/3) from the Kazakh Embassy in Jakarta, President of Kazakhstan Tokayev said in his statement "The holding of early Mazhilis and maslikhats elections is determined by the logic of constitutional reform, which was supported by citizens in a national referendum. According to the results, our country is turning to the establishment of a new, fairer and more competitive representative branch of power.”

Over the last 30 years the Kazakh people have created a stable, prosperous and inclusive society. Exercising its democratic rights through a national vote will certainly help strengthen what has been achieved. Elections will bring the country forward for the welfare of the people.

"The election will not change our country overnight, but will further contribute to the creation of a Just Kazakhstan-a prosperous society, and a more dynamic and competitive political system," explained President Tokayev.

In addition, President Tokayev also revealed that Kazakhstan would become a stronger and more committed partner for the international community, including for Indonesia. Once the new members of Parliament are elected, Kazakhstan will continue to develop close ties with Indonesia. (VOI/Faisal)

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