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Friday, 31 August 2018 14:05

European Union and Iranian Post-US Leaving Nuclear Agreement

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European Union -EU and Iranian relations after the United States left the joint Nuclear Agreement do not appear to be getting closer. Earlier after United States President Donald Trump decided not to continue the Nuclear Agreement with Iran, the European Union sought to be  unable to be consistent with the previous stance. One of the European Union member countries that started to stay away from Iran is France. In an internal order, the French government asked its foreign ministry diplomats and officials to postpone indefinitely all unimportant trips to Iran. The plan of a bomb attack on protests by Iranian opposition groups near Paris, and a change in Tehran's attitude, are the causes of a change in France's stance  towards Iran. France is one of the countries supporting Iran's nuclear agreement in 2015. With  other European countries, it  tried to help Iran ease the impact of US sanctions. Iran's economy, which has improved, is now hit by the imposition of US sanctions. After no longer receiving support from the European Union, Iran is also ready to issue a statement to be  no longer committed to the Nuclear Agreement. Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei stressed Iran is ready to abandon the agreement. Even, Iran does not hesitate to end  the agreement it if is no longer in line with the country’s  interests. According to Khamenei, Iran should not depend on Europe despite promises from Europe. In addition to outside pressure, President Mohamad Khatami is also facing a crisis, because Iranian Parliament has sacked the Minister of Labor and Finance. There are still two ministers who will face the same fate. The world witnessed a way out when the United States and Europe signed a Nuclear Joint Agreement with Iran. But now, the hope of solving this problem is getting further away. If left unchecked, problems in the Middle East region will be increasingly complicated. Of course, this is not expected to occur.

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