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Wednesday, 05 September 2018 13:49

The Third China-Africa Summit in Beijing

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The leaders of China and Africa, met to discuss the future of cooperation between countries of the different continents. The meeting and discussion were held at the China Africa Cooperation Forum Summit, which took place since Monday. The aim of the summit was clearly reflected in the theme, “China and Africa: towards a stronger future community together through mutually beneficial cooperation”.Chinese President Xi Jinping in the opening ceremony presented a very persuasive speech with the title “Work Together for Common Development and a Shared Future”. Through his speech, President Xi Jinping stressed the principle of his country in cooperating with other countries including not intervening in other countries that are partners and not enforcing any political conditions. A similar theme was also announced when Africa and China started the summit in Beijing in 2006 and followed up with the second summit in 2015 at Yohanesburg, South Africa. China, as disclosed by President Xin Jinping, will carry out eight major actions to help African countries for the next 3 years. One of the eight actions is to encourage the expansion of African commodity imports and support the achievement of 2030 African food security targets. For African countries, cooperation with China is certainly very welcome. They may very well see that China is the main alternative to support their economic improvement and improvement. As one of the strongest countries in the world, the opportunity for cooperation with China gives hope of new hope for Africa as an alternative to Europe and the United States. For most African countries, increasing relations with China could have given new hope, because unlike Europe, China was not a country that had colonized the continent. For China itself, the increase and expansion of cooperation in the economic and trade sectors has become a significant factor in efforts to find a balance of multilateral cooperation. The trade war launched by the United States, which was intensified by Donald Trump's administration, has given an economic impact to the country with the most population in the Asian continent. In this perspective, the third China Africa Summit in Beijing is a new momentum especially for China in seeking a new balance in the economic field, nationally and globally.

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