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Monday, 17 September 2018 12:44

Pombo Island, Maluku

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Maluku is a province in Indonesia which covers Southern part of Maluku islands. Because the province consists of many islands, so the province has a lot of marine tourism potentials, such as beaches. One of them is Pombo Island, an unoccupied island that presents beautiful scenery of nature and under-sea view. Pombo Island is located at Salahhutu district, Central Maluku regency between Ambon and Haruku Island. Pombo Island is small one which is very beautiful. The island has around 4 kilometers wide. During trip to the island, you will see as if the island were floating alone at the sea. And white sand and clear sea water will make anybody who comes to the island amazed on its beauty. Pombo Island is mentioned as a new snorkeling and diving spot which attracts many divers, either domestic or abroad. When diving to the bottom of the sea, you will see wealth of marine biota, starting from fish, shell, sea weed, until coral reef in various kinds of unique forms. The under-sea view of Pombo Island is very amazing, and the land of the island is also enchanting. You can go around the island for 1 hour. During going around the island, you can find endemic animals of the island, namely Pombo bird and some other birds. The beauty of the island is quite amazing when low tide. The new land, which was previously shallow, begins to be seen and it changed to be sand which forms land. The island only has a distance around 5 kilometers from the capital city of Maluku, Ambon. To get accessed to the island, you can use public transportation from Ambon city for 1 hour to Tulehu. Thus, from the seaport, you can use speed boat for 10 minutes to Pombo Island. In the island, there is no lodging. Usually, the island is also used as camping ground because its atmosphere is very suitable to set tent. 

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