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Saturday, 04 November 2023 06:57

Kadapet Watara from West Sumba

Written by  Rahma
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Apart from Sumba's very wonderful,  natural and cultural tourism, this beautiful island in the province of East Nusa Tenggara also has several delicious special foods and drinks which are the favorites of visitors who travel there, such as wild horse milk.  The milk has many benefits and Sumba coffee whose taste is undoubtable. Another culinary delight that you must try when visiting West Sumba is Kadapet Watara.


Kadapet Watara is a dry cake made from corn, bananas, sugar and peanuts. First, the corn, bananas and peanuts are mashed and mixed until they become a dough. Once it has become a dough, mix it with powdered sugar to add to the sweet taste of the dough. Then, the dough is shaped into a round shape. Once finished, the dough must be wrapped in dry corn leaves. Apart from being famous for its delicious and sweet taste, Kadapet Watara is also known for its unique way of making it. In fact, many tourists who come to visit try to learn how to make it from the local people.


Before the Sumba area was introduced to tourism, Kadapet Watara cake was only a home culinary dish or was made to liven up a big event, such as a traditional event or celebration. But now, the Kadapet Watara cake has become one of the mandatory souvenirs from Sumba.

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