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Thursday, 09 November 2023 07:59

Balumpa Dance

Written by  Rahma
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We introduce you to one of the dances from Wakatobi Regency in Southeast Sulawesi, Balumpa Dance. Balumpa dance is performed by a group of female dancers accompanied by happy music. It is a dance performed to welcome distinguished guests. Besides being a dance for welcoming guests, Balumpa dance is performed at performing arts events and cultural festivals.
Balumpa Dance is performed by six female dancers. The dance moves rely on feet and hips stomping, as well as the hand swinging. Because it is a dance to welcome guests, the dancer's facial expression must look happy. Balumpa dance movements consist of four varieties: Potabhea, Poliughi, Poli-loli, and Kaukuruno Siku. In the Potabhea movement, dancers form a line pattern and start the dance with a salute. In the Poliughi movement, dancers stomp their legs and hips, followed by shaking the scarf in pairs. In the Poli-loli movement, dancers are parallel to the back, then move with the right hand swinging upwards and the left hand swinging downwards in the opposite direction while holding the scarf. Then the Kaukuruno Siku movement is like a poliughi, followed by raising both elbows to chest level and then tilting the body to the left.
Balumpa Dance performances are usually accompanied by traditional harp and vocal singers. The songs to accompany the dance are usually regional songs of joy and welcoming theme. Balumpa dancers wear Kombo clothes, which are local traditional clothes. For bottoms, they use striped skirts and scarves as complementary accessories. To adorn dancers, forehead covers, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets typical of Southeast Sulawesi are also added.
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