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Wednesday, 15 November 2023 09:33

Indonesia-USA Agree to Create Palestinian-Israeli Peace and Solution

Written by  Ranov/Andy Romdoni
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VOInews, Jakarta: President Joko Widodo invites USA President Joe Biden to be at the forefront in defending justice and humanity for the Palestinian people.

"I really hope the US can show its leadership and be at the forefront to defend justice and humanity for the Palestinian people, for peace and Palestinian independence based on a two-state solution," President Joko Widodo said during a bilateral meeting between Indonesia and the United States at the White House, Washington DC, United States, Monday (13/11/2023).

President Joko Widodo considered this, because the contribution of the United States is considered important in realizing world peace.

"The US contribution to peace and humanity is very much awaited by the world," he added.

Meanwhile, the White House in an official statement on Monday (13/11/2023), said regarding the Palestinian and Israeli conflicts, the two leaders agreed to work together to realize peace and a two-state solution.

"Both leaders agreed that they must work together and with other regional partners to realize a durable peace through a two-state solution," the White House wrote on its official website.

In addition, during the meeting, President Joko Widodo also appreciated the good developments regarding the dynamics of relations between the United States and the People's Republic of China (PRC).

"I appreciate and support the reopening of strategic lines of communication between the United States and China," he added.

Seeing this, the President said that he believes that dialog is the key to bridging differences.

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