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Tuesday, 02 January 2024 03:18

Kedung Tumpang Beach in Tulungagung, East Java

Written by  Rahma
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East Java has many coastal areas to be enjoyed; one of which is Kedung Tumpang beach which is located in Pucanglaban village, Pucanglaban subdistrict, Tulungagung, East Java. Kedung Tumpang Beach area is a natural tourism attraction with beautiful coral and cliffs. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is popular among local and foreign tourists. The distance between Kedung Tumpang beach and Tulungagung city center is only around 34 kilometers.


The name Kedung Tumpang beach comes from the words "Kedung" which means pool or hole and "Tumpang" which means level. This describes the condition of this beach which has natural pools formed on terraced rocks. The main attraction of Kedung Tumpang beach is the lagoon or “its natural swimming pool”, which always contains water with beautiful colors on the coral surface. The pool was formed due to corrosion, so it has concave rocks. The green moss in the pool and the clear water provide a unique beauty. On Kedung Tumpang beach there are eight lagoons that can be explored. The depth of this lagoon also varies, some can be used for swimming or just soaking. When viewed from the top of the cliff, the pool water is bluish with yellow gradations which can change color at any time. When splashed by waves, this beach has white foam that looks attractive and unique.

Because the position of the pool is quite low, it is easily hit by waves. Therefore, visitors must remain careful because waves can come and crash at any time. This is because the location of Kedung Tumpang beach is directly facing the southern sea which is famous for having big waves. Tourists visiting Kedung Tumpang can swim in this natural pool if the beach waves are calm. If the waves are very violent, visitors are not allowed to bathe or stay around the pool because it is very dangerous.

When visiting Kedung Tumpang beach, it is best to use a motorbike, because if you go by car, visitors have to park it in the place provided and continue the long journey to reach the top of the hill. After arriving at the top of the hill, visitors have to go down a quite steep and difficult path to get to the beach, and to get to the "Pool", the path taken is quite heavy and steep. Therefore, visitors are advised to wear comfortable and non-slip shoes. After arriving at the beach, your tiredness will immediately disappear when you see the amazing panorama.

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