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Tuesday, 02 January 2024 03:28

Badendang Rotan tradition, Maluku

Written by  Rahma
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The Badendang Rotan tradition is one of the New Year traditions in Maluku. This cultural event is a celebration of cultural heritage that takes place regularly every year. The Badendang Rotan tradition is the result of combining two series of events, namely the "Badendang Tradition" and the "Hela Rotan Tradition".


Even though it is held with the characteristics of each region, the Badendang Tradition itself is an annual event held to welcome several major holidays in the country, such as New Year celebrations, Christmas, Cleaning the Country celebration, and many more. The Badendang tradition event is one of the biggest events held by the local community. Therefore, the entire population must participate in the series of events.The Badendang tradition is a traditional Maluku singing and dancing tradition with family and relatives. This tradition is held to welcome the arrival of the New Year and takes place every January 1.

Unlike most New Year traditions which are festive with colorful fireworks, Badendang Rotan is an activity that highlights cooperation between local communities. At the same time strengthening the value of solidarity between citizens. Starting from preparing the event to the team taking part in this activity. As the name suggests, Badendang, at this event, music is one of the dominating elements.Visitors will be treated to typical Maluku singing and dancing. The music produced by the tifa is one of the things that warms the atmosphere. Starting the procession in the afternoon, the procession begins when traditional elders announce to the community that this event will start. After that, everyone from adults to children gathered.

Meanwhile, the Hela Rotan tradition is a competition that is similar to tug of war in general.It's just that this Maluku-style tug-of-war is different from the others.This is because the basic material of the rope is made from woven rattan and also has a length of up to tens of meters.Another difference lies in the rhythm of the tifa musical instrument that accompanies the match. The songs with rhyme lyrics that are sung are not haphazard and have always been heard from generation to generation.

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