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Local merchandise for souvenirs

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When we go on holiday to an area, we usually buy various kinds of souvenirs for our family or colleagues at the office. There are various kinds of souvenirs that we can buy such as clothes and various fashion products as souvenirs. Clothes and various fashion products in various regions in Indonesia that offer unique designs and still highlight the characteristics of the region's original culture. Call it Dagadu Jogya. As a creative industry native to Yogyakarta, it is certainly not surprising that most of Dagadu's T-shirt designs are steeped in Yogyakarta city icons. Starting from illustrations of Tugu Jogja, Taman Sari and Kraton Yogyakarta Palace. Uniquely, Dagadu Jogja also has a visual design with the addition of eccentric Javanese sentences which really describe the city of Yogyakarta.

A holiday to Bali is incomplete if you don't buy Jogger clothes. Different from fashion souvenirs in general, Joger is famous for its eccentric word designs. That's why, to this day Joger is still known as the "Word Factory". Apart from t-shirts, the local merchandise industry which is famous for its tagline "Joger Jelek" also sells various fashion products which are no less unique and interesting, such as bags, wallets, sandals, shoes, watches and various other typical Balinese souvenirs.

Apart from Pempek fish cake, Palembang, South Sumatra is also famous for its unique and creative local products. This can be seen from the many local merchandise industries which are almost always targeted by tourists. One of the most popular is Nyenyes. Nyenyes or meaning “chatty” in Palembang language, is a local creative industry famous for its unique t-shirt designs. This is because almost all Nyenyes fashion product designs use images that are identical to Palembang, such as the Ampera Bridge, Kemaro Island. Interestingly, fashion products from Nyenyes also have a collection of T-shirts with a combination of songket motifs. Of course, the modification of traditional woven cloth with modern clothing will be an attraction for visiting tourists.

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