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Saturday, 06 January 2024 11:14

Tembi Tourism Village

Written by  Rahma
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Yogyakarta holds many stories about tourism destinations. One tourism destination that is worth visiting if you travel to Yogyakarta is Tembi tourism village. This village has natural conditions that are still beautiful and green. After passing two entrances, you can feel village nuances. The large rice field area looks green, and the trees between the residents' houses feel shady, cool and serene. 


In the tourism village of Tembi, you will find rows ofJogloor limasan houses with large yards that are still preserved until today. Some of these houses are provided for homestays. Rice fields and rivers surround Tembi hamlet, giving you an even more rural sensation. Natural conditions like this are now rarely found in other places so that this is an added value for the Tembi tourism village. 


People believed that in the past, Tembi Village was a place where the king's children were cared for. So, there was a belief among local residents that people who came to Tembi and stayed overnight in Tembi would become successful like "kings". There are lots of activities that could be carried out there, such as learning to plant rice with farmers and mingling with daily activities along with village residents.

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