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Monday, 15 January 2024 07:09

Karang Potong Beach in Cianjur

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Indonesia has beautiful and wonderful beaches. Not only Bali, Lombok, but also Cianjur in West Java have famous and  gorgeous beaches. Cianjur’s beautiful beach calledKarang Potong beach is located in Sedekan, Saganten Village, Sindangbarang sub-district, Cianjur, and it shares borders with Bogor    and Bandung regencies. The beach is like  paradise, namely Karang Potong beach. This beach  is one of the instagrammable and famous tourism destinations in Cianjur. It is around 125 kms to reach  Karang Potong tourism attraction if you depart from Bandung.

Karang Potong beach also provides interesting facilities and photo spots, such as brightly colored buildings, a combination of white and blue with designs like a fantasy castle. Besides, you will also find a combination of rainbow colors at this tourism destination. Inside the building, there is fresh green grass and coconut trees typical of the beach. Another attraction of Karang Potong beach is the view in the evening at sunset. The wonder of the sunset with the expanse of the sea makes you interested to visit it. In addition, Karang Potong beach also has a restaurant in the middle of the rice fields. The restaurant also has gazebos  set in the sea. 

Karang Potong beach  opens from 8.00 AM  to 9.00 pm West Indonesia Time, with pocket-friendly entrance ticket prices. Staying in the beautiful area of Karang potong beach is a selfie hunter's dream. Apart from  the beautiful view which can be used as a background for selfies,    when you open the window of the lodgment, the fresh air and feeling of peace will immediately come to you. All of this is guaranteed to make you fresh and ready to carry out your next tasks.

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