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Madakaripura Falls Featured

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Probolinggo Regency is one of the main tourist destinations in East Java. The regency is one of the entrances to Mount Bromo via Cemoro Lawang. However, Mount Bromo is not the only interesting tourist spot in Probolinggo. There is also the Madakaripura Falls in the regency. Besides being known for its beauty, it is said that Madakaripura Waterfall was where Gajah Mada, a great leader of the Majapahit Empire, meditated for the last time before he died. This myth refers to the choice of the name Madakaripura which was taken from three related words. Mada is taken from Gajah Mada, Kari means heritage, and Pura means prayer or meditation. Based on this story, local people believe that Madakaripura Falls is eternal. The reason is that the waterfall so far has never experienced a drought. To get to Madakaripura Waterfall, from Probolinggo city, you have to drive towards Branggah hamlet. Its location is approximately 37 kilometers from the city center of Probolinggo. The entrance ticket price for Madakaripura Falls is 33,000 rupiah or about 2 US dollars per person. When you arrive at the entrance, you still have to do trekking to get to the waterfall location. This journey takes approximately 20 minutes from the entrance.One of the features of Madakaripura Falls is the cliff height of around 200 meters. The height makes Madakaripura Falls the highest waterfall in Java island, as well as one of the highest in Indonesia. Besides its height, the charm of Madakaripura Falls can also be seen from the cliff shape surrounding the waterfall. It has a circular shape like a towering giant glass at first sight.Another unique feature is that the water not only flows from the middle of the waterfall but also through narrow gaps in the cliffs. This makes the atmosphere under the waterfall seem as if it is raining because the water dripping from all directions makes the area around the waterfall look like drizzling. The fall of the water also creates very dramatic water waves and forms a natural pool under the waterfall. The water in the natural pool is transparent blue and refreshing to the eyes. Apart from that, the shady trees in the area make the atmosphere cooler and more beautiful.

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