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Friday, 16 February 2024 16:49

Indonesian General Elections Get Covered by Foreign Media

Written by  Daulat Pane
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Counting of 2024 Indonesian election ballot papers at the World Trade Center Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Wednesday (14/2/2024). (Photo: Antara/Virna Puspa Setyorini).


The general elections to elect the Indonesian president and vice president, as well as members of the Indonesian legislature at home took place last Wednesday (14/2). Meanwhile, overseas, it was held in stages starting from February 5 until 14.

The Indonesian general election, which was followed by more than 204 million people who were included in the permanent voter list, received attention from several foreign media.


British public media BBC specifically reported on the implementation of the elections in real-time starting from what took place in the easternmost region of Indonesia, Papua, to the flooding at polling stations in Central Java.


The Guardian, a well-known print media which is also based in the UK, presents facts about the elections in Indonesia. This newspaper not only conveys the background of the three presidential candidates but also discusses the Indonesian elections assessed by the International Foundation for Electoral Systems as the largest election scale with quite heavy logistical challenges, involving various types of vehicles to distribute ballots to more than 820 thousand polling stations throughout the archipelago.


Meanwhile, the largest news media in the Middle East, Aljazeera, also reported directly on developments in the voting process in Indonesia, starting from expert analysis on democracy in Indonesia, voters' hopes for the elected president, to polling stations that have unique and attractive decorations.


NHK World, a media owned by Japanese public media NHK, specifically displayed the faces of the three presidential candidates on the top page of its news website. NHK World reports that the focus of the elections in Indonesia is to continue President Joko Widodo's policies or the reform.


Furthermore, Channel News Asia (CNA) also made the Indonesian election one of the main focuses of its reporting. CNA highlighted the fact that Indonesia, as the third largest democracy in the world, for the first time in 15 years held presidential and vice presidential elections with three candidates.


Besides, Associated Press (AP) journalists covered the voting process in Hong Kong, citing the large number of Indonesian citizens in Hong Kong. They wanted to see the interest of Indonesian citizens abroad, especially Hong Kong, in participating in the 2024 elections.


The large amount of foreign media attention to the holding of the Indonesian 2024 elections shows that the process of changing leadership in the country is essential not only for the Indonesian people, but also the international world.


Who will be elected as President and Vice President of Indonesia for the next five years still has to wait until the vote-counting process by the Indonesian General Election Commission is complete. Certainly, whoever the winners are, they are expected to be able to lead the Indonesian nation and state in a better direction. (Trans: Ani Hasanah/Post: Rama)

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