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Friday, 16 February 2024 16:21

The Indonesian elections in Bangladesh run smoothly and transparently

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The General Elections which were participated in by Indonesian citizens at the overseas polling station (TPSLN) 001 Dhaka, Bangladesh on Friday (9/2) ran smoothly and transparently// The Dhaka Overseas Elections Committee (PPLN) recorded a total of 156 people on the overseas permanent voter list (DPTLN) who are entitled to cast their voting rights directly at TPS 001 Dhaka, which is located in the lobby of the Indonesian Embassy in Dhaka//

Chairman of PPLN Dhaka, Riky Sofyan, in his written statement on Saturday, explained that the Indonesian citizens included in the voter list were enthusiastic about coming early to vote// Until noon until 1pm local time, around 75 percent of permanent voters had cast their votes//

Apart from permanent voters, the polling station was also open for voters who meet the requirements for the overseas additional voter list (DPTb-LN) and the special overseas voter list (DPK-LN)// The voting was open for 10 hours, namely from 09.10am to 7.10pm local time/ TPS 001 Dhaka has accommodated 123 permanent voters, 38 additional voters and 13 special voters//

PPLN Dhaka is able to accommodate voters by using the "return to sender" (RTS) postal method of ballot papers which have been returned to the PPLN Dhaka Secretariat// Based on PPLN Dhaka data, the number of Indonesian citizens included in the overseas permanen voter list is 379 voters, with details of 348 citizens in Bangladesh and 31 others in Nepal// The committee only provided 2 additional ballot papers// Thus, the number of ballot papers received was 388// PPLN Dhaka used two voting methods, namely election by postal delivery and direct election at TPS 001 Dhaka in the Indonesian Embassy in Dhaka//

After voting is complete, all ballot papers are stored in a closed box in a sterile place monitored by security cameras// The vote counting will be carried out on February 14, 2024 at 1pm for the TPS method, at the same time as the vote counting in Indonesia// While the postal method vote counting will be done on February 15-22, 2024, adjusted to the condition of returning all ballot papers from 100 percent voters//

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