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Friday, 16 February 2024 16:27

Nyamplung Beach

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Nyamplung Beach Tourism is one of many beach attractions available in Rembang Regency. Nyamplung Beach is popular as a family tourism destination, mainly because the waves are not big; it has white sand and offers a sunset view which provides a romantic and instagrammable vibe.


The sand area of Nyamplung beach is quite long, making it possible for every visitor to enjoy various tourism activities. Small waves and white sand are always excellent  for family tourism destinations. So don't be surprised if during the holidays, the beach is crowded with a lot of tourists. 


Nyamplung Beach Tourism is also famous as a beach that can provide the best sunset in Rembang; its location is in Tri Tunggal village, Rembang sub-district, Rembang Regency, and the location is not far from the Semarang-Surabaya national road. Of course, the romantic and instagrammable nuances become a great attraction. Usually, sunset at Nyamplung Beach starts before 06.00 pm. In the afternoon, the atmosphere at Nyamplung Beach starts getting busy, especially for those who are hunting for sunset silhouette photos.

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