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Friday, 16 February 2024 16:28

Exciting events at the Indonesian Museums in February

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For those of you who like to travel to museums, during February 2024, several exciting events are being held at Indonesian museums. The first is the God Bless 50 Years Masterpiece Collection Exhibition at the National Gallery of Indonesia in Central Jakarta. It is to celebrate the 50th anniversary of an Indonesian music band, God Bless. The exhibition, which runs from February 16 to March 1, 2024, presents a large number of historical collections of the band, including clothes, guitars, basses, keyboards, mixers, cassettes, CDs, vinyl records, and other items that bear witness to their journey in Indonesian rock music.


The Indonesian Batik Museum in East Jakarta also presents a temporary exhibition entitled "Upstream to Downstream: Batik Ecosystem". This exhibition focuses on education to provide an in-depth look at the values behind a piece of batik cloth. The values are shown starting from providing raw materials to the manufacturing process, to becoming a complete work of batik used by the people. This exhibition runs until February 29, 2024. The Indonesian Batik Museum invites the public to experience an educational and interactive experience at the museum for free.


There is also an Al-Banjari U-19 Students Festival at the K.H. Hasyim Asyari Indonesian Islamic Museum in Jombang, East Java. This festival was organized by KUBAHIRENG (Tebuireng Banjari and Hadrah Group) in collaboration with the museum in celebration of the 8th anniversary of KUBAHIRENG. The event is an opportunity for Islamic students who are interested and talented in Al-Banjari Islamic art to participate in competitions at the national level.

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