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Saturday, 17 February 2024 22:07

MAN 4 Jakarta students win Gold on Banana Peel Research Featured

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Indonesian students make the Indonesian nation proud i. the international world. After competing with students from European, American, Asian and Middle Eastern countries, the students from MAN 4 Islamic school Jakarta successfully won a gold medal at the 2024 Asean Innovative Science Environmental And Entrepreneur Fair (AISEEF) research event which was held online and offline on 2-5 February 2024. The research team was headed by Alifia Kayyisa (XII IPA 1), consisting of Afralifia Cahya Nadira (XII IPA 1), Ezza Azkiya Sanee (XII IPA 5), Rifelli Azkiyah Luqman (XI-4), and Nadia Pintenate (X-13). In their research, they examined banana peels to determine the borax content in food.

The research team consisting of five students conducted research for three weeks at MAN 4 Jakarta. They were accompanied by Nugroho Wahyu Sumartono as the supervising teacher. MAN 4 team leader, Alifia Kayyisa explained that banana peels contain many organic compounds that can be converted into carbon dots. Carbon dots are a carbon-based material that is nano-sized, non-toxic, and has the property of fluorescing with different colors depending on the substance involved when illuminated with a UV lamp. With these properties, carbon dots can be used as an alternative to identify borax in food. Alifia said that banana peels were chosen because the waste was very abundant. In this way, she hopes that the results of his research can be useful in making banana peel waste more useful. The team also concluded that borax is a material that is dangerous for the body. Meanwhile, the distribution of foods containing borax is currently very widespread and not everyone knows about it.

The competition was held by the Indonesian Young Scientist Association in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering, Diponegoro University (Undip), Semarang, Central Java. There are 447 teams taking part in AISEEF 2024 from 17 countries, namely the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Romania, Iran, Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, Portugal, the United States, Korea South, China, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. 152 Teams took part in the competition offline at the Undip campus. Meanwhile, 295 other teams participated online. AISEEF participants also consist of middle school, high school, vocational school students and university students.

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