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Tuesday, 12 March 2024 07:11

Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta prepares drinking water and disability-friendly facilities

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VOInews, Jakarta: Grand Imam of the Istiqlal Mosque, Nasaruddin Umar, conveyed the readiness of the Istiqlal Mosque to welcome worshipers during the month of Ramadan.

Nasaruddin told reporters on Sunday (10/3) that his party had prepared various facilities such as free drinking water and friendly facilities for pilgrims with disabilities.


"We facilitate drinking water. We have a factory for free drinking water, so if you go to Istiqlal you don't need to bring drinking water because we have a drinking water factory. And it's free for the whole community. Istiqlal is very friendly to disabled people, we facilitate it, and we facilitate the blind. Even in the first row, there is a separate ablution, lift, and wheelchair," said the grand imam.


Nasaruddin also said that not only does Istiqlal Mosque provide facilities for people with disabilities, but it also provides a complete children's play area to support parents who bring children to feel comfortable in worship.


Apart from that, during Ramadan, the mosque will hold various events such as featuring international Quran reciters and muezzins with their melodious voices to give the call to prayer from the mosque.


The mosque has 160 CCTVs to detect identity from a person's face. Istiqlal Mosque is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia and one of the largest in the world, with a maximum capacity of about 200,000. (VOI/Ranov/RAMA/AHM/)


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