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Tuesday, 26 March 2024 17:33

Towards the 2024 Election Dispute Trials

Written by  Muhamad Suhartono
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A trial conducted by the Indonesian Constitutional Court on Wednesday (24/5/2023). (Photo: RRI/Ryan Suryadi)


The Indonesian General Election Commission (KPU) officially released the results of the 2024 election on March 20, 2024. However, the decision is still not binding because there are certainly parties who have objections to the 2024 election results announced by the KPU.


It is inevitable that disputes over election results will occur based on the KPU's announcement. Because, the resolution of this problem will lead to the Indonesian Constitutional Court (MK). Regarding this matter, the Constitutional Court registrar, Muhidin, as quoted on the court's website, said that the deadline for submitting applications for the 2024 simultaneous general election results dispute is no later than 3 x 24 hours from the general election's announcement. This time limit applies to requests for disputes over the results of the presidential & vice presidential election as well as the election of members of the house of representatives, namely People's Representative Council (DPR), Regional People's Representative Council (DPRD), and Regional Representatives Council (DPD).


Submission of dispute requests starts from 15 February until 23 March 2024, and then verification is carried out. The initial trial of the dispute will begin on March 27, 2024 and the verdict will be read on April 22, 2024. In the court's official statement, the Constitutional Court is given 14 working days to resolve disputes over the results of the presidential and vice presidential elections, and 30 working days to resolve disputes over the results of the legislative elections.


Meanwhile, regarding election disputes, member of the supervisory board of the Association for Elections and Democracy (Perludem), Titi Anggraini, said that internal control and supervision should run effectively to spare no chance for judges involved in handling disputes over general election results carrying out transactional or deviant actions. Because, this could have a negative impact on the credibility and integrity of the Constitutional Court in the eyes of the public in handling disputes over the results of the 2024 elections.


The Constitutional Court is the final gateway in resolving democratic disputes in Indonesia. Neutrality, honesty, integrity, justice and propriety are very important in decision making. Negative influences in issuing decisions must be overcome by the court judges. They must avoid politics of revenge or pressure to change the outcome of the verdict. Besides, petitioners in election disputes must also be able to prove concrete and valid evidence to the Constitutional Court judges. So, what is proposed is a reality that must be resolved by the Constitutional Court in seeking a solution and to formulating an appropriate and fair verdict. However, if the Constitutional Court has decided the outcome of the dispute based on the evidence submitted and referring to the applicable rules/law, the losing party must be ready to accept it sincerely.

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