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Wednesday, 27 March 2024 17:56

Development Progress of the Capital City of Nusantara

Written by  Nouvarah Ahdiba
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Development in the Central Government Core Area (KIPP) of Indonesia's new capital city of Nusantara in North Penajam Paser Regency, East Kalimantan on Monday (12/2/2024). (Photo: ANTARA/Rivan Awal Lingga)


Construction of the new capital city of Indonesia, Nusantara, continues. Nusantara Capital City Authority - OIKN on Tuesday (26/3) launched the city's Biodiversity Management Master Plan. This is an effort to ensure that the development of the new national capital goes hand in hand with environmental preservation.

Head of the the authority, Bambang Susantono, in Jakarta on Tuesday said the capital city construction in East Kalimantan was often criticized because it was considered to have the potential to damage the environment. However, he emphasized that the construction proves Indonesia's commitment to restoring Kalimantan's tropical forests, with one of the strategies being the protection and management of biodiversity.


Indeed, the development of Nusantara is a matter of concern, not only for people in the country but also for several countries – especially those ready to invest in Nusantara.


Nusantara's construction is targeted for completion in 2045. Currently, construction is still in the first stage. The Indonesian government is targeting the first phase of capital city relocation with its various functions to be executed this year. One of that was marked by holding a ceremony for Indonesia's 79th anniversary of independence, on August 17, 2024.


The groundbreaking for various important projects has been carried out in five stages. The sixth stage is planned to be implemented in May. When presiding over the groundbreaking ceremony for phase five on February 29, Indonesian President Joko Widodo estimated that in 10 years, Nusantara would have become a vibrant city inhabited by many people.


For the initial stage of relocation, the Presidential Palace has been built in Nusantara. It is reported that construction has reached more than 70%. Meanwhile, construction of the ministries building and ministerial housing is targeted for completion in June 2024.


The government continues to show high optimism for the development of Nusantara. Construction of important buildings, such as the House of Representatives (DPR) building, is scheduled to start in 2025. Housing for civil servants has also begun to be prepared. This high confidence is not only shown by the government. Investors committed to developing Nusantara into a world city have also taken concrete steps. One of them is forming the Nusantara Capital City Investor Forum. This forum was formed to accelerate the investment process in the city.


Several countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, and China, have expressed their interest in being involved in the development of the Capital City of Nusantara (IKN). This adds confidence that the construction of Indonesia's new capital city can be completed according to the target.


Certainly, the development of Nusantara is more than just about pursuing a set time target. More importantly, the realization of Nusantara will improve the welfare of the Indonesian people in the future, especially the people around it.

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