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Monday, 01 April 2024 17:24

Humanitarian Aid Attacked, Gaza Urgently Needs Ceasefire

Written by  Andy Romdoni
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Humanitarian aid being airdropped from a Jordanian military aircraft over the northern Gaza Stripon Sunday (31/3/2024), amid ongoing battles between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas. (Photo: AFP/Jordanian Army)


The delivery of aid in Gaza was thrown into chaos on Saturday after an Israeli attack. Paramedics from the Red Crescent reported that 5 people died in the attack. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of people in Gaza are currently in dire need of assistance after being bombarded by Israel for 6 months.

Two charity organizations have arranged to send aid by sea from Cyprus and set sail on Saturday. Organizers said the aid, repeatedly delayed due to bad weather, was carrying around 400 tonnes of supplies.


Previously, the UN high court had ordered Israel to allow the aid entrance. Meanwhile, the UN Security Council had also adopted a resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire. However, this was proven to remain the same in the field.


Neither Israel nor Hamas could reach an agreement to a ceasefire in indirect talks in Qatar. They are just blaming each other.


Still, there seems to be a glimmer of hope, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday giving the green light to a new round of talks with negotiators expected to resume their talk this Monday.


It cannot be denied that negotiations are difficult to carry out if both parties are still prioritizing their respective egos and ignoring the thousands of people who have become victims in this conflict. All parties should forward discussions leading to a ceasefire, to achieve peace in Gaza. Their egos are no longer important when compared to the thousands of victims who have fallen and the humanitarian disaster caused by a prolonged war.


A ceasefire supported by the release of hostages in accordance with UN resolutions could be an important point capable of saving millions of Palestinian lives who are currently threatened not only by war but also by hunger.

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