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Tuesday, 16 April 2024 10:09

Ketupat Lemak

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The celebration of Eid al-Fitr feels incomplete without the presence of ketupat. Actually, this dish is a Southeast Asian typical dish which is made from rice. To make ketupat, we have to first wrap it from woven young coconut leaves. Then, it is  boiled until it is cooked.

Ketupat which exists in various regions in Indonesia has many different types, such as Ketupat Lemak in Pontianak. If Ketupat generally uses rice as its main ingredient, but Ketupat Lemak actually uses sticky rice. The cooking method is a little different. The process of making Ketupat Lemak begins with washing the sticky rice and placing it in woven coconut leaves. The sticky rice inserted must be full. This is certainly different from Ketupat rice which is usually only half filled, because rice will expand, while sticky rice will not. Then, the Ketupat is boiled in coconut milk that has been added with enough salt. Afterwards,  the coconut milk is dry, the Ketupat can be removed and ready to be served.

Ketupat Lemak is usually eaten with other typical Eid side dishes, such as beef rendang, chicken curry, potato chili sauce or pineapple chili sauce. Apart from being eaten with the family at home during Eid, Ketupat Lemak and other typical Eid side dishes are also usually served as food by the people of Pontianak.

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