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Tuesday, 16 April 2024 10:27

Mutiara Beach, Southeast Sulawesi

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Gumanano is a village in Mawasangka District, Central Buton Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province.// This village is about 84 kilometers from Wamengkoli port, Buton.// To get to Mutiara Beach, visitors have to go to Gumanano Village first.// This village is very remote, so it's not easy to get there.// Visitors can start their journey from the center of Labungkari city, the capital of Central Buton Regency which can be accessed by ferry boat//

Arriving at Mutiara beach, visitors will be greeted by the beauty of this beach.// Fine white sand stretches along the beach.// Mutiara Beach will be even more beautiful, if the water is low, because the white sand will be more widely visible, with the blue and clear sea water.// Therefore, this beach is a favorite for Central Buton tourism.// Many tourists who come there capture the beauty of Mutiara beach with their cameras.// Don't forget to swim at the beach to enjoy the clear sea water.//

Apart from swimming, visitors can also fish because there are many types of fish on Mutiara beach.// Apart from that, visitors can also enjoy other tourist attractions in Gumanano village.// In this village there is also a fort, the remains of the Buton Sultanate, namely Lasayidewa Fortress.// This fort has 7 lawa or doors.// Visitors can also bathe in the Gumanano Baths. The water is fresh but a little brackish.//If you are in Central Buton, take the time to visit Mutiara Beach with its white sand like pearl flakes.//

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