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Wednesday, 24 April 2024 16:52

Ambassador Armin Limo Calls Muslims to Focus More on Unity

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VOInews, Jakarta: H.E. Armin Limo, the ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Indonesia, calls Muslims to focus on unity rather than exaggerating differences between schools and differences. H.E. Armin Limo shared his view about Islam in an interview with Syafiq Hasyim on IIIU's Guest program on Thursday (18/4/2024). Ambassador Armin Limo emphasized that Islam is religion of love, compassion, and forgiveness.

“I think we should focus more on unity because Islam is the one. I also don't like when somebody say moderate Islam or radical Islam, because IsIam is only one. IsIam is religion of love, compassion and forgiveness,” uttered Ambassador Armin Limo.



Misunderstandings about Islam, especially the impression of violence and intolerance, according to Ambassador Armin Limo, arise from unscrupulous parties who misuse Islam for their pragmatic interests.

“And there are only people unfortunately radical, extremists who misused Islam in their agenda which has got nothing to do with Islam in the end” said Ambassador Armin Limo.



To present Islam as a religion of love, Ambassador Armin Limo invited Muslims to focus more on unity and not magnify differences that could divide the ummah.

“So we should all follow our religion alhamdulillah which is unique in the world, and not too focus on our differences, or misinterpretation, or other things that only break the unity among us unfortunately," concluded Ambassador Armin Limo. (Daniel)

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