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Thursday, 02 May 2024 12:28

Meeting with Turkish Foreign Minister, Retno Marsudi Discusses Palestinian Issues

Written by  Ranov/Tono
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VOInews, Jakarta: Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi and Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan in a diplomatic meeting on Wednesday (1/5) in Ankara, Turkey, discussed global issues related to the Middle East issue.


"Our discussion today also highlighted the important role of Southern countries as liaisons and agenda-setters in various multilateral forums and as advocates for fair and civilized global governance," Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi said in a statement received on Wednesday evening (1/5).


Minister Retno also said that Indonesia and Türkiye are two developing countries with a large number of Muslims that have a strategic influence on the region.


"Indonesia and Türkiye are two leading developing countries with large Muslim populations and strategic influence in our respective regions, we are fellow members of the G20, OIC, and MIKTA," Retno said.


He also appreciated Turkey for supporting Indonesia's candidacy as G20 President in 2022.



In addition, Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi said that the meeting also discussed the Palestinian issue. She said Turkey and Indonesia have the same position on Palestine, which is that they want the Palestinian people to get justice and independence.


"Indonesia's position is very clear. We want to always defend humanity and justice for Palestine, for the Palestinian people," she said.


Minister Retno Marsudi emphasized that Indonesia wants an immediate and sustainable ceasefire. So that it can launch the distribution of humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza.


"What Indonesia wants to see is an immediate and lasting ceasefire, unimpeded and sustainable humanitarian assistance, a credible peace process towards a two-state solution and full Palestinian membership in the UN," she said.


Retno revealed that in February 2024, she had delivered an oral statement before the International Court of Justice as another effort to support Palestine.

"Indonesia will use all possible avenues to support Palestine," Retno said.


Retno said Indonesia hopes to utilize Indonesia's strategic influence to contribute to the welfare of the Indonesian people for the welfare of the world, and also for the wider community.

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